The Glen rose conservancy

neighbors protecting their local environment in beautiful E Fallowfield, pa


N.C. Wyeth, Two Boys in a Punt, 1915

Along the Brandywine Watershed

Twenty five years ago, East Fallowfield Township, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, was a mostly rural landscape of rolling hills and meadows, rich farmland and wooded glens. The gentle beauty of this land has long inspired a deep-rooted love and respect for the environment among its inhabitants.

The pressure of rapid development in Chester County, however, has impacted its once unhurried pace, as well as its natural resources, particularly its water supply. The Brandywine Creek stretches for 60 miles from the Welsh Mountains of northern Chester County to Wilmington, Delaware, where it joins with the Christina River before emptying into the Delaware River. The Christina River Basin provides 75% of the water supply for residents in New Castle County, Delaware, and more than 40% of the water supply for residents in Chester County. 

Demands on our water supply will only increase in the future, but the stress of development has already affected the quality of our drinking water, making it less than optimal. Several East Fallowfield residents were made aware of this critical issue during a Tree Vitalize course. Neighbors were inspired to work together to become part of the solution. And the Glen Rose Conservancy was born!

The first task was to take some first positive steps that can cumulatively make a difference. In fact, check out the rain barrels, compost piles and alternatives to lawn that have started popping up in the township!

Members then began undertaking larger projects in partnership with local government, other environmental groups, teachers and volunteers. Check out our Annual Stream Critter Party and Rain Garden Planting Workshop. At the Glen Rose Conservancy booth at the Annual Fall Park Day, residents can pick up brochures with stewardship suggestions. The latest success has been the new, graphically exciting township newsletter that includes a strong “green”  focus.

Looking ahead to 2012, we’re excited to be planning and hosting a new Environmental Speakers Series to begin in January. We’re also cooking up some fun events to bring old and new residents together, such as a big community square dance. And maybe some bird walks in the park.

New members are always welcome to join the ongoing projects and to bring some of their own ideas to the table. Email Sally Green for info about meetings, work days and how you can get involved:

Rain Garden Workshop at the East Fallowfield Community Park, Spring, 2010.